Housekeeping Jobs in Canada 2021

Housekeeping Remuneration

Based on a previous year’s study, Canada’s median Housekeeping income is currently $35,811 per year or about $18 per hour. The lower end of the entry-level housekeeping positions starts at just $ 24 225 a year, while more experienced housekeepers can earn up to 50,000 a year. It makes housekeeping one of the most popular and in-demand professions in Canada.

Housekeeping Positions

Housekeeping jobs in Canada can be obtained through many different methods. If you are from the United States or other countries outside of Canada, then you will have a few different options that you can apply for and obtain. For example, if you live in British Columbia and have the skills listed below, you can apply to work as a Housekeeping cleaner in Victoria.

British Columbia is one of Canada’s top cities for both residential and commercial properties. A large proportion of the British Columbia population lives in Victoria, which is located in the province of British Columbia. Housekeeping in Victoria offers job opportunities to Canadians from around the world. Many houses keeping jobs in Canada have been recently created or designed to accommodate immigrants and foreign workers. In these areas, local Canadian companies that import their cleaners from abroad will apply for the position and pay an entry fee to bring over workers.

The majority of these Housekeeping jobs in Canada require no training and are considered part-time work. You will have the opportunity to earn up to forty hours of weekly plus tips for providing the service. Some employers will also offer their workers’ health insurance and paid holidays. Some employers will also offer their maids’ housekeeping assistance as part of the company benefits package.

If you are skilled in multitasking skills, you may be interested in a job as a housekeeper in Canada. As a housekeeper in Canada, you can enjoy both employment and pleasure since most of the work will involve light housekeeping tasks like dusting and vacuuming. You may be able to earn extra tips if your services are appreciated. As a result, you should have good multitasking skills to succeed in your job.

Duties of Housekeeper

Cleaning is not just the job of women anymore. Housekeeping has become more than just a way to earn money. It’s a way of life. It pays well and gives satisfaction.

What are the general duties of a housekeeper in today’s society? Cleaners are different from other kinds of housekeepers because they specialize mainly in cleaning. It implies that they should be expected to clean or tidy up your entire home since it is now your responsibility to make sure that they can easily access all the surfaces that they are supposed to clean. Other general duties of a housekeeper include preparing meals, folding clothes, and serving lunch.

A professional housekeeper’s duties vary according to what type of job she has. Some housekeepers clean residential homes, office buildings, hospitals, and clinics. Other housekeepers can work in retail establishments such as clothing stores, cafes, and restaurants. They also have responsibilities in various government institutions, including immigration houses and shelters. All these types of housekeeping services require different types of skills, experience, and qualifications.

Here we have enlisted some significant housekeeper duties, which are given below:

  • Polishing and cleaning furniture and installations 
  • Keeping a perfect and sterile kitchen region 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, showers/baths, ledges, and sinks 
  • Washing windows 
  • Making beds and changing cloths 
  • Pressing dresses
  • Vacuuming and cleaning rugs and carpets 
  • Clearing/vacuuming, cleaning and wiping hard floors 
  • Arranging, washing, stacking, and dumping clothing 
  • Keeping restrooms loaded with clean clothes, toiletries, and different supplies.
  • Cleaning up rooms 
  • Washing blinds 
  • Checking cleaning supplies and requesting more varying 
  • Utilizing any cleaning hardware, for example, vacuums, mops, and other cleaning devices 
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces 
  • Steaming and cleaning curtains 
  • Discharging refuse containers and discarding waste 
  • Detailing any fundamental fixes or substitutions

How Might I be a Good Housekeeper in Canada?

The answer is simple. By working hard, being patient, and having the ability always to put things into perspective. If you are up to the challenge and have what it takes to become a good housekeeper in Canada, here are some of the many ways you can get started.

  • Be ready to take on jobs even when there is no immediate need for you to do so. As a good housekeeper in Canada, you will be expected to help around the house when needed. And because you will be doing some overtime and more chores than usual, you need to handle these types of workloads. You may need to learn to prioritize your duties now that you have a job.
  • Know where to look for employment. Many housekeepers in Canada are waiting for an opportunity where they can work right away. This job would be in the hospitality industry. However, this is not the only opportunity available.
  • Get a degree or an education to be able to land a job like this. Since there are not many people who can afford to hire a full-time professional housekeeper, you should earn your cooking and housekeeping skills first to get you on your way. A college degree or certificate of finishing high school is a good start for any person interested in becoming a maid or a cleaning service provider.
  • Get references from your friends and family. If you do not have any personal connections, you might want to consider getting one from your friends and family. A housekeeper’s good references are essential. Make sure you ask if the link is from a client or not. Ask how they could feel about your work and how reliable you are.
  • Be aware of your local laws. There are several areas in Canada where housekeeping services are not allowed to operate. For instance, some cities do not allow housekeepers to clean pools and hot tubs. Another essential thing to remember is that even though you may be a housekeeper in Toronto, housekeeping laws in other areas differ.
  • Learn the basic stuff related to being a housekeeper. Housekeeping includes the likes of counting kitchen ingredients (if you plan on doing a lot of baking), preparing meals, helping out with laundry and cleaning, running errands, and serving guests. It would also help if you can speak and understand basic French. If you feel that you would be better off being a maid, you better know the basic requirements of being a housekeeper in Canada.
  • Find a reputable and experienced maid service. The most effective maid services in Toronto are those who have been operating for years. They have their contracts with landlords, and they know all the rules and regulations applied in the city. All they will ask of you is to do a background check before hiring you. If you are still uncertain about this, then ask around first.
  • Get to know the right person to ask for help. Different kinds of Housekeepers in Toronto will be willing to accept any job. Before you approach your friend or your boss, you need to make sure that you have a good relationship with the maid service. It is because you will be working together often and you need to trust each other. The best way to do this is to ask your friends who are also into the maid service or your colleagues at work. You can even join online forums to give you more information about what they are talking about.

Skills and Qualification Required for Housekeeping Jobs:

If you are interested in housekeeping positions in Canada, at that point, you should have the accompanying capabilities: 

  • Secondary school recognition or GED certificate
  • Should have Working information about cleaning machines and their activities and legitimate utilization of cleaning specialists.
  • Meticulousness 
  • Actual strength and endurance to work expanded periods 
  • Past cleaning experience 
  • Past client care insight, ideally in a lodging or related foundation 
  • Distinguishing proof confirming you are in any event 21 years old 
  • The capacity and adaptability to show up on Saturday or Sunday and occasions 
  • The capacity to lift, pull and push moderate weight. 
  • The longing to fulfill the requirements of others in a high-speed climate 
  • The capacity and want to work autonomously with little management 
  • Performing multiple tasks abilities

Latest Housekeeping Jobs in Canada:

Jobs NatureLocationHourly Rate
Reliable Part-time HousekeeperQuebec$17
Opportunity: Kleinburg MaidOntario$20
Good Domestic Wanted in CambridgeOntario$20
Need Cleaning for CottageOntario$20
Housekeeper Job in Calgary, AlbertaCalgaryN/A
Montreal Housekeeping JobQuebec$18
Organization and cleaning PleaseOntario$14
Housekeeping/nanny help needed in Maple!OntarioN/A
Job Opportunity: a Reliable HousekeepingOntario$15

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