Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) Activation and De-activation Code

Zong Social Pack – WhatsApp is the most familiar app for instant messaging, connectivity, video and audio sharing throughout the world. The significance of WhatsApp can be analyzed by this, that on daily basis millions of people connecting through WhatsApp and constantly sharing their life events with friends and family.

Facebook is leading social website for short messaging since its established Facebook continuously growing in the number of users on Facebook. Every person which have access to the internet is becoming part of this community. People using Facebook for multi purposes teenagers using it for entertainment and gossips.

Zong Social Pack

Twitter is the best social utility for spreading their messages to billions of people with a single tweet. Almost all celebrities are members of this social website. And keeping their fans up to date by just tweeting their upcoming plans. Eminent politicians are active on tweeter. Such as, Donald J. Trump current president of United States of America regularly tweeting their agenda.


Zong 4G best cellular network of Pakistan, providing ultra-fast internet to its users. The new package “Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)” specially designed for the socialize persons or social media addicted people. The Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter) gives 100 MBs for a full day. That’s means once the offer is subscribed surfing can be made continuously on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp only, so the worry of lost MBs on other links will diminish.

What will be included in Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter)?

Zong Social Pack100 MBs (only Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)10 PKR1 DAY

How to Activate Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter)?

To activate Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) dial *6464*5# from Zong sim or type social and send it to 6464.

How to De-Activate Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter)?

To deactivate Zong Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) type unsub social and send it to 6464.

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