ZONG PERFECT PACKAGE 2018 Price, Activation, and Deactivation Code

Zong Perfect package 2018 – Nowadays everyone wants to talk with their friends and colleagues without any worry of balance. When the social circle is too big, then why you have to stop your talk up to some limits. Also in the current scenario of a busy life have bound everyone to make connection remotely, it is impossible to meet your friends and family physicians. Businessmen extending their business on phones and raising their profit on the peak. In the diverse economy of Pakistan, millions of people working far away from their houses, like as many people from rural areas are well settled in urban areas but having families in their hometowns. So, they need a package to get updates and share their events and want a laugh with their loved ones.

Zong perfect package 2018

Talking to loved ones become easy as you are in front of them, because of Pakistan’s No 1 cellular network Zong 4G. Because Zong presents the biggest offer “Zong Perfect Package” offer by which subscribers can get unlimited talk time of 10000 Minutes. By which they can make unlimited calls on any Zong number for 21 hours between 10 pm to 7 pm in just Rs 12 + TAX per day. As everyone knows text messaging is a sober and most adapted way of communication in this era, especially young generation is highly addicted to text messaging. So the Zong 4G perfect offer also gives 500 SMS to all local networks in the country from 10 pm to 7 pm


Zong Monthly 3GB 3G 4G Internet Package 2018

Zong Combo Package 2018

Zong Perfect Package also providing free 50 MBs fastest 3G 4G internet which is perfect for 1 hour GPRS.

What is available in Zong Perfect Package?

Free MinutesFree SMSFree 3G 4G Internet
Zong to ZongAll networks in Pakistan1 hour GPRS
Unlimited 5005 MBs

How to activate Zong Perfect Package?

To activate Zong Perfect Package dial *118*2# from your Zong Sim.

How to deactivate Zong Perfect Package?

To deactivate Zong Perfect Package type unsub and send it to 7171.

Enjoy Zong perfect Package best to use for 1 day with unlimited Zong to Zong Calls, SMS, and 50 MBs.

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