Zong All–in-One monthly Package 2018

Zong All in One Monthly Package 2018 – Communication gap is being reduced by telecommunication in the modern era. In the past, for any message important or formal were convey through time-consuming means, people have been traveling miles away to deliver messages. Then, the trend of communication evolved with landlines which were expensive at the start and out of reach from the middle class. Then mobile phone has been launched and with the passage of time, it becomes one of the most important gadgets in the human’s life. Moreover, cellular companies continuously presenting its basic and value-added services to attract the new customers and increasing the loyalty of their current customers by their distinguish offers as compared to their competitors. That’s the reason nowadays, people are highly addicted to having long gossips with their near and dears, telecommunication obsolete the distance by providing crystal clear voice calls and fast speed 3G 4G and LTE fastest internet.

Zong All in One Monthly Package 2018

Zong 4G is also globally known cellular network and no 1 3G or 4G provider in Pakistan with capturing ¾ or 75 % share of mobile internet users. So the Zong 4G, No 1 cellular network of Pakistan brings its best monthly offer named as “Zong All In One Monthly Package” which gives its valued customers to make long on-net or Zong to Zong 1500 minutes for the entire month. Zong All In One Monthly Package allows sufficient off-net 150 minutes to make calls on all local networks within the country. A bundle cannot complete without SMSs because text messaging is the gentle way of communication. The Internet is integral part of communication and entertainment almost every person is part of digital communities so Zong All In One Monthly Package is offering 1500 MBs of 3G 4G internet to its customers. In PKR 385 + Tax per month.


Zong 4G Monthly Basic Internet Package 2018 

How to activate Zong All In One Monthly Package?

Dial *6464# and then select 4 and 2 to activate this offer.

The validity of Zong All In One Monthly Package?

The offer is valid for 30 days only.

Enjoy 1500 Zong to Zong minutes, 150 Other network minutes, unlimited SMS, and 1500 MBs of Zong 3G 4G internet.

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