Zong New Sim Offer 2018

Zong New Sim Offer – Sim card which stands for subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module is a very small card, made of plastic and an electronic chip is pasted on by the service provider. Basically, subscriber identification module is used to keep safe all record of mobile account. Sim card enables a phone to make connectivity with other phones which have a sim card. Because every sim card has a unique number which is interconnected with country code that’s making an identity. In previous times sim cards have limited features as compared to nowadays. For example in 90s international roaming was not available so, everyone who ever travels to another country from their home country must have to purchase a new sim of the host country to stay in contact with their friends and family. Also, the speed of advancement of technology is most rapidly increasing in telecommunication sector as compared to many other sectors.

Zong New Sim Offer 2018

So the Zong 4G Pakistan’s no 1 and trusted cellular network brought an amazing offer for the Pakistanis named as “Zong New Sim Offer” which give unparallel services to its valued subscribers. Offer includes 2000 MBs of fastest 3G or 4G internet for 3 days or 72 hours without paying any single penny for the 3G or 4G internet. Everyone knows when there is high-speed 3g or 4g internet available then there are no need text messaging and voice call buckets because of thousands of applications which enable to make long voice and video calls and unlimited text messages to all over the word free of cost, you just have to connect through Zong 4G LTE connection. After 3 days subscriber will get again 2000 MBs of fast speed 3G or 4G internet on every recharge of RS 100 or more. So buy a new Zong 4G sim and Say it ALL



Zong 4G WhatsApp Only Daily Package

How to activate Zong New Sim Offer?

To activate Zong New Sim Offer dial *10# from your new Zong sim.

The validity of Zong New Sim Offer?

Zong New Sim Offer is valid 31st December 2018.

Enjoy the Zong New Sim offer till 31st December of 2018.

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