ZONG HELLO PACKAGE Price, Activation, & Deactivation Code 2018

Zong Hello Package – Everyone is saying “Hello” many times in 24 hours. Hello, become a symbol to start a conversation with anyone. Either you are happy or angry at anyone conversation is being started with Hello. More likely hello is used for greetings or to start a talk shak with friends and unknown too.

So, the no 1 network of Pakistan, Zong 4G always working continuously for the leisure of their valued customers. That’s the reason the loyalty of Zong’s customers is more than any other networks. Zong 4G bring a very big offer at cheapest rates “ Zong Hello Package” by which Zong 4G’s users can make long calls, Zong to Zong with free 100 ON NET Minutes. 100 SMS to all networks through which all Zong  4g users can communicate in every corner of a country without extra surcharges because through “Zong hello package”, every network is now your own network because of all 100 SMS can be used on all local networks of Pakistan.

Zong Hello Package Subscription 2018

Zong hello package also give 50 MBs of the ultra-fast 4g internet to enables you to make new friends on social media. This high-speed internet can be consumed on searching and surfing as well. 50 MBs of Zong’s 4G fastest internet posts on Facebook or instant messaging with WhatsApp. If you are an Instagram’s addicted so, it is the best package to upload your stories and share your edited and filtered picture with your friends and family. The pictures of others can be viewed and excited replies can make your day. All this can be availed in just Rs 6 + tax.


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How to activate Zong Hello Package?

Zong Hello offer can be activated by dialing *2200*1#.

How to deactivate Zong Hello Package?

To deactivate this offer type unsub and send it to 4952.

The validity of Zong Hello Package?

The offer will automatically renew after 12 a.m.

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