warid monthly weekly daily sms packages

Warid Monthly Weekly Daily SMS Packages


Overview Of Warid Company

About 5 companies are working in Pakistan under PTA. Warid is a multinational telecommunication company and mobile operator telephony network being launched in 2004 in Bangladesh, Georgia, Congo, Uganda, and Pakistan. In Pakistan, it was launched in 2005 and soon after it has attracted millions of users. Pakistan telecommunication authority awarded mobile telephony license to it being highest bid Winner Company. It is the sole operator in Pakistan that has deployed Ericson as a vendor for its network base stations, microwave links, IT support and transmission towers. The radio frequency range for a network is 900 to 1800 MHz for all classes of network such as 2G 3G and 4G. Presently it has launched 4G LTE services in Pakistan. Warid presents prepaid, postpaid and youth plans in the names of Zem, Glow, and Zahi. It provides an easy and cost-effective way of communication to all sorts of people because of long-range coverage and better quality networking system. Like all other networks, it also provides a helpline number to resolve user’s issues.

Warid services and collaboration

Warid in collaboration with Bank Alfalah launched mobile banking service namely ‘mobile paisa’. Mobile paisa allows its users to pay utility bills, transfer money to anyone, deposit and withdraw cash anywhere in the country and carry out account transfers. On March 14, 2014, Warid received Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Warid SMS packages-daily weekly monthly

Warid SMS packages are great offers because of their rates and number of massages. How to check remaining SMS in Warid? Is the most frequent question of each user, for the detail of remaining SMS can be checked infect each package has its own code for subscription and unsub.On the other hand for instant communication warid call packages are also a great offer for the user in best rates and good signal quality in coverage areas. warid glow packages are the best offers for a user with respect to price rates and a number of bundles offer for SMS call and internet usage.warid postpaid SMS packages are available for the postpaid user in order to communicate with others for all networks. warid weekly package offers low price packages of call SMS and internet services all over the network coverage units. For the use of the internet, warid offers best network coverage with 4G LTE fast internet and 3G, 2G services are also available at warid monthly internet package all these internet packages are also daily three days and weakly based even warid monthly package have a vast amount of MBs at different suitable rates. The user can get benefits in terms of their choice of network and cost-effectiveness. Warid offers different types of SMS bundles according to monthly weakly daily and hourly. The list of complete SMS packages details are given below

  • Warid SMS Plus Package
  • Warid Daily SMS Package
  • Warid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package
  • Warid Weekly SMS Package
  • Warid Monthly SMS Package


Package Charges Sms countValidity Activation De-Activation
SMS Plus2.38Rs15024hours*106*1#*106*4#
Daily SMS4.77Rs120024hours*101*1*01#*101*4*01#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp 5.98Rs1300+10Mbs24 hours*334#*334*4#


Weekly SMS13+Rs1300+25Mbs7 days*101*1*07#*101*4*07#


Monthly SMS60+Rs10000+500Mbs30 days*101*1*02#*101*4*02#


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