All WARID Call Packages: In Pakistan, currently, there are many high profile Network providing telecom companies. And all of them are offering numerous call and SMS packages at different competitive prices in order to attract more and more mobile users. Warid telecom is also among them, today warid have one of the highest number of postpaid as well as the prepaid user which is the reason it is one of best telecom service providers available in Pakistan. Not only this warid is also the best users’ choice because of its exciting offers, Call packages, and network services.

warid monthly weekly daily hourly call packages

To maintain their standards users count, they are providing best and most economical call packages to its most reliable customers. Because nowadays people are more and more socially connected with their family, friends and loved ones, so definitely they also want best packages from their service providers at very low possible rates.


As many of you know Jazz and Warid have been merged into one last year. Thus most of the offers of Warid as well as jazz are combined as of now. This means subscribers of both users will get everything offered by both networks. Well, in fact, being Pakistan’s largest On-net family, Warid Call Packages are really most attractive and unbelievable with such cheap call rates on all other networks across Pakistan. In addition, its international call rates are even more reasonable and exciting. Therefore here is a list of all best call packages (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly and other supper call offers) offered by Warid at low prices to its users.

Warid Daily Call Packages

All those users who are not regular in use of weekly and monthly call offers can comfortably take these WARID Call Packages or you can say warid daily call package. These are some of the best packages for on-net and off-net calls. The details of all daily offers are mentioned below:

PackageDescriptionActivation codeService Charges
Daily Super Bundle250 warid+jazz minutesDial *212#Rs. 14 including tax
Daily Bundle 

200 on –net minutes, 10 off-net minutes, 30 MB internet and 300 SMS

Dial code *99*11#Rs 30+tax/day
Pakistan offersUnlimited calls

From 8pm-6pm all networks

Sms  “PK” to 4337Rs 12+tax/day
Power Pack offer5 min call, 5MB Internet and 100 SMSSMS “P”  & send it

to 7777

Rs 4.99+tax/day
Apna Shehar Karachi OfferUnlimited calls+5MB Internet & 50 SMS anywhere in Pakistan


Type SMS “KAR ” & send it to 4337Rs 10.00+tax/day
Apna Shehar Multan, Faisalabad offer20 paisa/Min in these citiesType “BOL” in SMS & send to 4337Rs. 20 paisa/ minute
Apna Shehar Peshawar offerUnlimited calls+0.02/sec call rates with 5MB InternetSMS “BAAT ” to 4337Rs 7.99+tax/day
Apna Shehar (Multan, Faisalabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gujranwala, Hyderabad)Only 20 paisa/ minType SMS “ON” & send it to 4337Rs 5.99+Tax/day


Note that “Apna shehar Multan, Faisalabad” offer with 20 paisa/ minutes charges is only applicable for mentioned cities.  While on other packages that is “Apna shehar Peshawar” bundle will be charged Rs 7.99 with the tax on every on and off-net call in the especially in the Peshawar region. Moreover, the other Apna shehar offer which includes cities: Multan, Faisalabad, Jammu Kashmir, Gujranwala and Hyderabad, and users of this package will be charged Rs, 5.99 plus additional tax as well, in these regions on every on or off-net calls.

Warid Weekly Call Packages

 Warid also offers two different weekly call packages for its prepaid customers so that they can be entertained without any worry of being short of on and off-net minutes. These two packages are mostly known as warid poora hafta offer and 7 days offer call package. Both packages are available at very reasonable and handsome rates. The package details are as under.

    Package    Description   Activation code  Service Charges
      7 Day Offer700 on-net mints+70 off-net minutes+700 SMS+700 MBs 

Dial *99*7#



Rs. 110 + tax


Poora Hafta Offer100 on-net mints(mon-sat)+250 on-net minutes(Sunday)+1000 SMS+250 MBs 

SMS “WO” to    3333


Rs.80 +tax


Warid Monthly Call Packages

Warid monthly call packages are the best for those users who are farther away from their family, friends, and home. So these are the most convenient and economical monthly call packages because they offer more on and off-net minutes, MBs and SMS as compared to many other networks for 30 days.


    Package    Description   Activation code  Service Charges
Warid Mahana Offer 

1500 on-net mints+100 off-net minutes+1500 SMS+1500 MBs


Dial *99*33# 

Rs 520 incl.tax


Super Duper OfferOn-net:1200 Jazz+Warid Minutes Off-net: 100 Minutes +Internet: 1000MB +SMS: 1200Dial *706# for activation,  For status code is *706*2#Rs. 380 Incl. Tax


Warid Hourly Call Packages


Apart of all these daily, weekly and monthly call bundles, there are some other call packages as well which are listed below:

PackageDescriptionActivation codeService Charges
Ghanta  calling offer Rs.5 daily charges+12am-  6pm(Rs.2.9+tax/hour)SMS “Gh” to 3333Rs.2.99+tax
3 Day Bundle300 on-net mints+30 off-net minutes+500 SMS+500 MBsDial *99*1#Rs 70+tax
Hourly Package11pm-7pm(Rs.4+tax/hour)+7pm-11pm(Rs.8+tax/hour)SMS “FIND” & send it to 2742Rs.3+tax
Dosti Unlimited offersunlimited calls to any of your 10 FNF numbers for one daySMS “FNF” to 7777Rs. 10+tax
Sunday Craze bundleFrom 8 am to 12 pm unlimited Warid minutes from 8 amDial  321 for activationRs. 10+tax for week + 15 for Sundays


In addition to above, there is also “Warid New Sim Calling Bundlewhich starts with the activation of the Warid new sim calling bundle you will get rewards of the 300 on-net minutes and 50 off-net minutes along with 50 SMS + 50 MB. You can also activate this package for 5 Days at the cost of Rs 50.



  • Since after the merger with Jazz, they have now offered some new (jazz+ warid) weekly and monthly for the convenience of their users. Details of these offers are given below:


PackageDescriptionActivation codeService Charges
Weekly Gold Plus offerJazz + Warid 1000 Minutes +SMS 1000 + Other Network: 25 Minutes & Internet 1000MB (3G & 4G)


Dial *770# for activation & for status dial *770*2#Rs. 150 (including tax)
Jazz Gold Offer

(30 days)

Jazz + Warid Minutes 1800

Other Network Minutes:180 and

Internet: 1800 MB

+SMS: 1800

Dial *707# for activationRs. 590 (Incl. Tax)

Monthly Hybrid bundle

Jazz + Warid Minutes:6000

Internet:600 MB

Plus  SMS: 6000


Dial *430# for activation


Rs. 370 Including tax

Haftawar offerJazz + Warid Minutes:700 &

Internet: 70 MB

Also plus SMS: 700

Dial *407# for activationRs. 75 Including tax
Weekly All-Net BundleJazz + Warid Minutes:700 &

Other Network Minutes: 50 with

Internet: 250 MB also SMS: 700

Dial *700# for activationRs. 120 Including tax

Warid other network call Packages

warid is also offering call packages for its users to call on other networks as well.


Warid Postpaid Call Packages

There are also some of the most exciting Warid postpaid packages with the following list includes the detail of all these postpaid packages. Prepaid customers can also easily convert their number to postpaid if users find these postpaid packages more attracting.







Activation code


Service Charges

Monthly Unlimited Hybrid offer2500 on-net mints+2500 SMS+2500 MBsDial *99*2# Rs. 400
Unlimited Monthly Bundle2500 on-net mints+500 off-net minutes+2500 SMS+2500 MBsDial *727#Rs. 1000
Super Monthly Bundle1000 on-net mints+250 off-net minutes+1000 SMS+1000 MBsDial *727#Rs. 500
Monthly Super Hybrid bundle1000 on-net mints+1000 SMS+1000 MBsDial *99*1#Rs. 200



Terms and Conditions for Warid call Packages users.

  • For MBs offered in the bundles, you can utilize them in both 3G and 4G.
  • All these packages and offers are offered for the specific time period as mentioned in above tables.
  • All these bundles and offers are mostly for the Warid prepaid users, apart from few offers which are also applicable to Jazz customers as well.
  • These bundles are non-recursive means you will have to dial *770# again every time whenever you want to avail these bundles more than once.
  • Also 2.14% higher prices will be charged especially in Federal Territory, AJK, FATA and Gilgit Baltistan.
  • And if users are not subscribed to any of these bundles, you will be charged with the base rate i.e. Rs. 3.59/ MB with charging pulse of 512 KB.
  • Free Minutes / SMS / Data will be usable 24 hours a day (no time limit)
  • These offers are always subject to change anytime.
  • Withholding tax of 12.5% will be applied to recharge/bill
  • Service charges and the operational fee of 5% each also applies to recharge but 19.5% FED applies on usage in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK.
  • Service charges with an operational fee of 5.11% each also does apply to recharge with this 17% FED will also be applied on usage in Federal Territory, FATA, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Overage of Rs. 1/MB also applies.
  • The charging system always holds a certain proportion of data volume in MBs available in your package against accessing each application/website. Hence, the simultaneous opening/use of multiple applications along with websites can result in reserving all your available data volumes given in MBs of your package after that network provider will start charging on the base rate of your packages.

For further queries and information regarding other packages, dial 100 Help Line Number.


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