UShare u2u – How to Share Balance in UFONE 2018

UShare u2u – Hey, mate! Are you looking for UShare u2u balance sharing method? If yes then luckily you are landed at the right place. The UFONE is working day and night to facilitate their users and in this regard, they have launched a new service named as UFONE Balance Sharing or UShare U2U.  In this service, you can share your mobile balance with your friends, family, and other loved ones. Under the sharing tag, you can receive and send the balance to your friends. The method of sharing the balance under the tag of UShare u2u is very simple, easy, and flexible. UFONE is a well-renowned company in Pakistan dealing with the millions of subscriber with quality service. They ensure the quality and best services for their valuable customers. UFONE Balance Sharing service is one of the best and valuable services of UFONE in order to keep the subscriber in touch with their loved ones.

UShare U2U Balance Sharing Method

The UFONE Balance Sharing Service 2018 UShare U2U is available only for the prepaid customers. The ultimate goal of the UFONE telecom operator is to facilitate their users with the best service. In the matter of emergency, the users can share their balances with one another. With balance sharing, you can share the happiness of your life and can be handy in the life of your friends and family with UFONE UShare u2u.


Mobilink Jazz Balance sharing Code Offer for prepaid Users

Note: This offer is only for the UFONE to UFONE Balance Transfer and limited to only UFONE prepaid customers.

UShare u2u UFONE Balance Share Code 2018

The service is the legend in its nature and I myself is very curious to explore the UShare u2u balance sharing code 2018. Are you ready to unveil it with me?

  • To share the UFONE balance, you have to dial code from your mobile phone.
  • Here is the code which you need to dial your phone *828*<9233XXXXXXXX> *#
  • If the core concept is not clear to you then you must allow us to explain it in detail with the help of an example.
  • Suppose the mobile number is 933331234567 and you want to share 200 PKR.
  • Here become the full code which you have to dial to share your balance with your loved one.
  • Code *828*923331234567*200#
  • After dialing the code you will receive a confirmation message.
  • On receiving confirmation message you have to reply with 1.
  • Now you need to acknowledge that you are sharing the balance.
  • The whole price of sharing the balance is just 4.77 PKR. This is the transaction fees.
  • This offer is only available for the prepaid customers of the UFONE so only they can avail it.
  • The prices mentioned above are excluding the taxes.
  • Standard taxes would be charged on each transaction of balance sharing.
  • Code of sharing balance can be changed by the UFONE anytime.
  • All of the Terms & conditions of the company are applied. You can easily read all of these terms are conditions from the official website of UFONE.


Here is the complete method of UShare u2u balance sharing method. You can show your loved ones the care and love you have in your heart with them to prove yourself handy. So, enjoy the incredible UShare u2u balance sharing service of UFONE.

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