Ufone monthly10gb 3g package

Ufone monthly10gb 3g package

Ufone 3g is offering 10GB of data limitation per month, and it is offering Ufone monthly 3g package offer you can stay Connected with the internet all day long. The Monthly internet package of Ufone is  Ufone 3G Deal that charge only Rs. 1,000 per month and gives you monthly10gb 3g package.

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Ufone monthly 3g package details

  1. Allpackages are valid for prepaid customers only.
  2. ufone 3g monthly offer can be started by dialing code *5100#
  3. if you want to look other offers as well then dia*3#.
  4. Dial *706# to look at the remaining MBs of Prepaid 3G buckets.and also to check the balance of Social Data Buckets. Standard charges apply.
  5. Video and voice calling via WhatsApp will be charged based on standard rate.
  6. the volume of data will be used for WhatsApp, voice and video call and no charges will be deducted out of the Package volume.
  7. After the subscription, of Ufone 3g internet bundle charging, is likely to be done based on the default tariff which is 1000rs.
  8. All daily Mobile Internet Buckets are automatically resubscribed if you have sufficient balance again
  9. internet Mbs may be accessed by dialing respective un-subscription codes.
  10. More than one package can be activated at the same time but should different one not the same package again.
  11. Actual Internet rate will be dependent on multiple variables such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc..
  12. All rates are after including taxes.
  13. FUP of 100MB applies on Social daily bucket
  14. FUP of 1GB applies on Social monthly bucket
  15. Weekly 3G package can also be subscribed at the same time with monthly Ufone 3g package.


About Ufone

Ufone is a Pakistani company which is providing valuable services to its cellular customers since 2006. Ufone start operations in 2001 and it is now partially accompanied by PTCL. As a result of PTCL’s privatization, Ufone became a part of Etisalat in 2006. ufone has more than 24 million customers and its network coverage is more than 10,000 locations across Pakistan.


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