Ontario Invites 126 French-Speaking Skilled Workers for PR Nomination in March 3 OINP Draw

Ontario Invites 126 French-Speaking Skilled Workers for PR Nomination in March 3 OINP Draw

In the March 3 OINP draw, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) gave Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to 126 applicants in the Express Entry-connected French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream welcoming them to apply for a standard selection to become perpetual Canadian occupants. OINP sent notices of Interest to competitors with a profile in the Government of Canada’s Express Entry framework and Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores somewhere in the range of 455 and 467.  

To fit the bill for the March 3 OINP draw, applicants must submit Express Entry profiles between March 3, 2020, and March 3, 2021. Applicants should have at least a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7 in French and 6 in English to qualify.  

Welcomed applicants currently have 45 schedule days to send in their application for a provincial selection from Ontario.  

OINP consistently looks through the government Express Entry pool to discover applicants who may meet the standards for any of its migration program streams. If OINP recognizes you in the government Express Entry pool, you will get a notice of Interest in your federal Express Entry online profile account. 

Note: Receiving a notice of Interest doesn’t imply that you meet all requirements for one of the OINP streams. 

After you get a notice of Interest, you may present an online application to the OINP if you qualify under the Ontario Express Entry stream. Your notice of Interest was given. You should submit your application within 45 long schedule periods of getting the notice of Interest. 

Notices of Interest Given in 2021 To Date  

  • Human Resources Priorities stream – 2,223 
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream – 272 
  • Skilled Trades stream – 338 

About Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs 

Under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Canada’s territorial and regional governments like Ontario can choose people to dwell in the region/region as lasting occupants to meet the region’s financial and work needs.

Applicants who have made a profile in the government Express Entry framework and have likewise applied for and gotten a selection from a territory’s PNP are granted an extra 600 points toward their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score at the federal level, on top of the points that they have in the administrative Express Entry pool. The extra 600 CRS points essentially ensure that the applicant will challenge applying for a Canadian permanent residence under the government Express Entry framework. 

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