Jazz Warid Monthly Call Packages and Subscription Codes 2017

Jazz Warid monthly call packages for the year 2017 has been launched for both postpaid as well as prepaid customers. After the merging of both telecom operators now they announce massive offers of On-net warid to warid and Warid to Jazz similary Jazz to Jazz and Jazz to warid call offers. The Jazz Warid call packages are really very affordable for everyone.  Well now in this modern era these Jazz Warid monthly call packages are providing you a real ease to stay close and in touch with your friends and family members. So, keep on reading the post in order to get more details related to Jazz Warid Monthly packages and Subscription codes for the year 2017. We promise to provide the updated call packages, 3G, 4G internet packages and sms packages details of all telecom operators in Pakistan.

Jazz and Warid both are renowned networks known for providing quality services to their both prepaid and postpaid consumers. And now they are collaborated and it’s a very good news for their customers. Both the networks are excelling in their 3G and 4G services and now they have introduced Jazz Warid monthly call packages as well.

Jazz Warid Weekly Call Packages and Subcription Codes 2017

The consumers can enjoy Jazz Warid monthly unlimited call packages and SMS packages. Jazz and Warid are providing quality services on cheapest rates ever for 1 month. Following is the complete detail of Jazz Warid monthly call packages codes 2017.

Jazz Warid Monthly Call Packages

Types of Jazz Warid Monthly Call Packages

  1. Monthly Hybrid bundle
  2. Monthly all network offer
  3. Jazz Gold offer

Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Get 6000 on-net Jazz Warid minutes, SMS and 600 internet MBs 3G with Jazz Warid Hybrid Bundle.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid bundle

Package Details 

On-net: 6000 Jazz+Warid minutesDaily limit: 200 minutes
Internet: 600MBs (3G)Subscription: *430#
SMS: 600Unsubscription: *430*4#
Packages: AllStatus String: *430*4#
Info string: *430*3#
Subscription fee

Rs.370 (Incl.Tax)

To subscribe dial



30 days

Monthly All Network Offer

Enjoy 1200 Jazz Warid minutes, 100 other network minutes, SMS and 1GB 4G internet with Jazz Warid Monthly All network offer.

All Network Monthly Offers

Package Details

On-net: 1200 Jazz Warid minutesSubscription: *7000#
Off-net: 100 minutesUn-subscription *7000*4#
Internet: 1GBStatus string: *7000*2#
SMS: 1200Info string: *7000*3#
Subscription fee

Rs. 380 (Incl. Tax)

To subscribe dial



30 Days

Jazz Gold Offer

Enjoy 1800 Jazz Warid minutes, 180 other network minutes, SMS, and 1800 4G internet MBs with Jazz Warid Gold offer.

Jazz Monthly Gold Offer

Package Details

On-net: 1800 Jazz Warid minutesSubscription: *707#
Off-net: 180 minutesUn-subscription: *707*4#
Internet: 1800 MBsStatus string: *707*2#
SMS: 1800Info string: *707*3#
Subscription fee

Rs. 590 (incl. tax)

To subscribe dial



30 Days

Jazz Warid are taking care of your money and budgets by providing you a very low Jazz Warid monthly call packages. The above mentioned monthly call packages are really enjoyable for the prepaid customers of Jazz Warid. The article can easily guide you in the selection of best suitable call packages for you and also guide you how to subscribe it. So, enjoy Jazz Warid Monthly Call packages and stay connected with your love ones.

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