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Jazz 4G Wingle Devices – From the past few year, Pakistan is continuously evolving in the world of Internet. And this process of evolving through very heavy investments and ultimately leads to the availability of advanced internet technologies in Pakistan.

A few years back the telecommunication operators buy the 3G, 4G, and LTE licenses and launch the 3G Internet and 4G internet for the people of Pakistan. So, after purchasing he license Jazz to deploy the 3G internet and cover the millions of subscriber in years. With the passage of time they merged with Warid and now they are advancing more by producing Data Sims and Jazz Wi-Fi Devices. Jazz Introduced 4G Wingle devices for the consumers of the commercial internet all over the Pakistan.

Jazz 4G Wingle Packages

The Jazz Mobilink start working on the extendability of his 4G network. And currently, Jazz offers two Internet devices that will enable the subscribers to enjoy the high speed Jazz 4G Internet Packages all over the Pakistan.

Jazz 4G Wingle Device – Jazz Wi-Fi devices

Currently, Jazz has 2 types of Jazz Wi-Fi devices. These are following

  • Jazz 4G Wingle device.
  • Jazz Wi-Fi Device.

Jazz 4G Wingle Device

Jazz 4G Wingle device is a Wi-Fi device offered by one of the Pakistan’s best telecom service operator the Jazz. The device is quite handy to the internet. The only thing you need is to insert the Jazz Data SIM card, turn it on and enjoy the amazing speed of Jazz 4G Internet. The device is rechargeable and battery can work consistently for 8 to 10 Hours. And standby time is 700 hours. It allows you to connect 10 to 12 users with the device to enjoy Jazz 4G Internet at the same time.

Technical Specification of Jazz 4G Wingle

Supported Operating SystemWindow XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any
Input Voltage5 V
Output Voltage4.35 V
Max Power Consumption3.5 V
Dimensions95.5 x 32.0 x 12.8 mm (L x W x H)
No. of Devices Supported12
Power Adaptor Input100 ~ 240 V
Power Supply AC Output5V

Jazz 4G Wingle Cost only 3500 PKR. So, what are you waiting for go and purchase the Jazz 4G Wingle Device now?

Jazz 4G Wi-Fi Devices

Jazz 4G Wi-Fi Devices allows you to use Jazz 4G Internet with high speed and more coverage. The device supports Jazz Data sim so you only need to insert the SIM card and SD card to start using the 4G internet. Once you have done this you can turn on the device and then you need to enter the SSID/Password to activate the device for using the internet. This device has the same specifications as Jazz 4G Wingle device. It also provides 12 connections. It also has WPS button in order to connect any device without the password. You can turn on or off the WPS security.

Jazz Broadband Packages Details

Here are the comprehensive details on all packages of Jazz 4G Internet with devices.

Jazz Monthly Internet Basic


999 PKR


30 days

Data Volume

10 GB

Subscription code


Jazz Monthly Internet Regular


1500 PKR


30 Days

Data Volume

25 GB

Subscription code


Jazz Monthly Internet Heavy


2500 PKR


30 Days

Data Volume

50 GB

Subscription code



any one can subscribe these jazz wingle and dongles packages by dialing above subscription method and codes or you could subscribe your required package by simply with the useful resource of this link jazz site:

customers of jazz and warid can subscribe these useful packages through dialing new helpline of jazz 777.

prices are consist of taxes are also included.

package deal and validity is 30 days.

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