ToP 10 vpn-Download Free VPN for Windows Xp/7/vista/8/8.1/10

Download Free VPN for Windows Xp/7/vista/8/8.1/10

Free VPN for windows The internet is a web of heavily convoluted, intricately crisscrossed pathways; not all of which can be navigated by the layman due to the overabundance of roadblocks that are present. These firewalls are often put in place by governmental entities to prevent certain websites from being accessed.

Apart from this particular nuisance, the internet is also very exposed. Your data is out in the open for anyone with technical expertise to come and meddle with it, steal it, corrupt it or otherwise erase it entirely. This can be particularly damaging if the information is of a sensitive nature.

Well, the world has found its solution to this dilemma so its time you get acquainted with it as well. VPN or “Virtual Private Network”, as the name suggests, open up a private and secure channel in which you may conduct your online business. Whatever that business may be, who are we to judge.

A VPN allows you to access any website without interruption and it does this by disguising your IP address. A modified, “proxy” IP address originating from an entirely different place may be used to gain access to that particular network.

This also allows us to share data privately through public networks, by providing an encrypted connection. It works like an online firewall, to protect your precious data from being seen or tampered with by prying third parties.

A VPN is very easy to download and use. Here we are going to give you a few of the best examples of online VPNs for Windows OS along with the links to download them. The best thing about them is that these are completely free. You may pick whichever suits you best.


SUPER VPN (free VPN for windows)


This one is exceptionally good for newbies as it has a neat, ordered and very simple layout, that basically requires a single click to be connected; no drop-down menus or multiple pages to maneuver through. The VPN is free and unlimited, whether it be used on your Windows PC or your Android phone.

super vpn free


You may remotely surf the web without fear of anyone tracking your web sessions. Anonymity is today’s world is highly valuable. You won’t find any issues with the browsing speed either. The app is designed to be very smooth, considering the large amount of data it handles. There is no hindrance to your browsing experience with this app.

A few users complained that the app requires access to too much personal data. The app simply needs this to work properly. Your data is not shared with any person or entity. Take it from someone who has used it for a long time without glitches.

The Super VPN free download for windows will allow you to get the same experience on your PC as your android phone.


SUPER VPN (free download for windows)


HOTSPOT  VPN (Free download for PC)

Provides a secure connection and gives access to certain geographically blocked sites. “Anchorfree”, the Hotspot shield’s developer’s website is based in the USA. This VPN establish a connection between your own computer and Anchorfree which allows you to access any sites that are not normally available outside the United States.

Despite its rather easy installation, there is an overabundance of advertisements that usually pop up and can be rather irritating to deal with. They are also very passionate about users having their novel toolbar but you can easily deselect that if you dislike it.

download Hotspot-Shield-VPN free

However, on the plus side, we get favorable streaming and limitless data transfer. The data is encrypted so there is no danger of any third party tracing your browsing session.

It’s fairly easy to use. The shield is color-coded; a green shield indicated when it’s on and a red one shows you when it’s not.

You may download this VPN for free by clicking the following link:


HOTSPOT  VPN (Free download for PC)


CYBERGGHOST SECURE VPN (free version download)

Once again, Cyberghost will hide your VPN and replace it with one from their own network. This will allow you to surf the net under the radar, away from the prying eyes of any ISP’s and potential hackers.

This app unlocks nearly every restricted website you can dream of (and maybe a few others you cannot dream of).


Public Wifi’s are notoriously exposed and leave users vulnerable to data theft. With this app, you will be provided with a high-end encryption software that will protect your transactions and your conversations.

The special feature of the app is its ability to block dangerous content and to prevent potentially harmful websites from being opened.


To top it all off, they have a completely free version which is suitable for the majority of users. The full version has a few added advantages for which they offer a completely free trial, for any PC windows system.


CYBERGGHOST SECURE VPN (free version) VPN for Windows.


As with a few of the previous apps, this also allows an easy connection with a single click; very handy for people with no basic knowledge of VPN systems.

Normally, users are required to select their own location from which the VPN should transmit data. This one comes with an Auto server that automatically picks the geographical location which can provide the fastest connection.


When you start your computer, the VPN is automatically connected and Unlike most other VPN’s, this one has an automatic reconnect system to save users the hassle of doing it themselves, should the internet connection ever briefly fail.

It also offers basic IP and DNS leak protection.

It doesn’t require any registration to be downloaded and best of all it’s completely free.

Download VPN for Windows


Avira Phantom VPN

Last on our list is the Avira Phantom, which is an excellent VPN to use. It provided you safe and anonymous channels for the accessing nearly every corner of the web, enjoy uninterrupted usage and unlimited data transfer.



Sites that are blocked due to geographical locations can be easily accessed. Your data is completely encrypted and thus hidden from any third party personnel who may wish to steal it or tamper with it.


 Avira Phantom VPN

VPN is the easiest ways to protect your browsing safe while hiding your ip address.

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