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Car insurance in Pakistan is mandatory for every car with atleast 3rd Party car insurance considering the high percentage of the accidents in the recent past. To be on the safe side it is advisable to get you car insured today to save yourself, your family and asset from any contingent liability. visit to help you in finding best car insurance in Pakistan by providing you a comprehensive overview of the insurance policies on offer and the risk that company is claiming to cover for you and the possible financial reimbursement.

At you can compare various insurance plans and buy hassle-free.

  • You can get the best deals from leading insurance companies
  • The affordable premium rates
  • Compare and buy instantly

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Advantages of Car Insurance in Pakistan:

The advantages of car insurance in Pakistan are as follow:

  • It provides coverage against car damage
  • It provides 3T shield against total loss, theft and third-party liability
  • It also provides personal accident cover


Why You Need to Compare Car Insurance Policies:

There is a significant importance of car insurance taking into account the growing numbers of car accidents in the country. On buying car insurance we normally try to save money and purchase the cheap car insurance thinking that it might benefit our wallet, but we often ended up in paying extra money from our pocket to cover the damage.

To save yourself of the extra money paid in the realm of the car insurance, it is advisable that before buying one should compare different car insurance policies. This will not only help you in having a fair idea of the amount you will be paying for the risks covered but also it also helps you in comparing different car insurance plans and choose the best for yourself.

At we help you in comparing different car insurance policies and make the informed decision. Before you plan to purchase car insurance, make a list of the following things:

  1. Before you jump on comparing different car insurance policies, be ascertain about the kind of coverage you need. Carefully analyze the different car insurance plan and then finalize the one.
  2. Compare the coverage plan in a thorough and comprehensive manner. The coverage offered by the third-party liability and the comprehensive coverage-both offers different range of benefits. The third-party liability is inexpensive in comparison to comprehensive coverage but only if are willing to compromise on some benefits, which definitely will come with the later car insurance plan.

How you can compare car insurance online on

Step 1- Log in to and click on the product icon which is “Insurance” then further click the Car Insurance to get the required quote.

Step 2- Before you jump on comparison, keep the few details in handy. These are: car make, model of your car, year of registration and estimated current value of the car.

Step 3- On the comparison page fill out all the information of your vehicle added describing for what purpose your car is driving. Either for personal use or for commercial use.

Step 4- Further provide information that your car has tracker installed in it or not. Having a tracker will provide the location of your car in the occurrence of any unforeseen circumstances.

Step 5- Now coming towards the “policy detail” section and provide information regarding what type of policy cover you need., i.e., Comprehensive cover or third-party cover.

Step 6- After filling in these details carefully we advise you to sit back and relax while you will be presented with the list of insurance plans with the affordable rates that best suit your demand.



In a nutshell, car insurance is a god step to save your family from the uncertainties of the auto accidents. Buy at best insurance quotes for car insurance and protect yourself and your loved ones from potential risks.

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